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We put this blog together for the readers. If you have suggestions or comments please feel free to leave a comment on the front page comment fields.

We have a sister site coming up called -SHOP that will be offering a variety of survival, bugout, homesteading and much more. -Shop site will help support the blog and writers.

Guest Articles

We accept Guest articles on our blog. Send a comment with email address, note, and I will contact you as fast as I can. Love to hear from you.

Article topics may include but not limited to- animals, backyard Farming, barnyard, beekeeping, bees, blacksmith, black soldier flies, bladesmith, bugout, building chicken coop, chickens, chickens composting, container gardening, cooking, cover crops, cows, craftiness, curing, diy, doomsday, ducks, environment, family and tradition, farm, first aid, filleting fish, fish, food preservation, furniture, garden, gardening, garden planning, garden soil, garden tips, goats, guest post, herbs, homeskills, homesteading, livestock, mountain living, mushrooms, nature, natural Health, off-grid electricity, outdoors, parenting on a homestead, pasture, permaculture, pigs, poultry, prepper, preserving, rabbits, renewable energy, sheep, simple living, skinning, smoking meat, solar, solar power, survival, trapping, urban homesteading, water, weekend homesteader, wild edibles, wild foraging, wildlife, wind power, wood work and sawmill, red worms, ZOMBIES-(just kidding). Have a suggestion? Let us know.

You must tie it into our theme someway.

Paypal Donations

Here is the place to show your appreciation to our writers..every little bit helps, believe me.

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When you buy something from one of our affiliates you are helping pay our team of article writers for the great work they are doing. So we ask you to come back to this site click the banner for the site you want to shop. Now if you book mark a site now it will have our affiliate information contained in the link and you can click your bookmark or you can come back to family survival farm blog and click a banner you wish to shop with. Either way you will be helping finance and pay related expenses for the site..

Thank you
Kemp L.


 The -SHOP is Coming Soon!!!

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