Friday, September 29, 2017

Safety Tips On How You Can Survive A Hurricane.

By Paul Kigen.

As we all know, Florida residents are bracing Hurricane Irma’s collision with their coast by hitting the road and boarding up their homes. This record breaking storm has already claimed the lives of 10 individuals.
Any people in the pathway of destruction are advised to flee, though there are approaches others can follow to prepare for the worst.
In case an evacuation order has been issued for your region, then do not contemplate on staying. Hurricane Irma is estimated to blow winds up to 180 mph, and it is better that you depart with some doubt rather than stay and regret it.
In the event that your residence is in a flood prone location or close to the sea level, then those who witnessed Houston’s Hurricane Harvey recommend that you leave as early as possible to diminish the risk of finding yourself stuck.
In the event that you lack a basic stable building, or stay in a mobile home then evacuate quickly, even if you have waited out hurricanes formerly.
If by any chance you are forced to stay, then understand that the safety precautions are similar to when one is sheltering from a tornado; stay inside a secured shelter or basement and keep everyone in your family from moving close to the windows.

Even when it feels like the storm has soothed, stay in a confined area because you could merely be in the eye of the storm. Ensure that you know all the safety locations in your residence area before the storm hits.
All things considered;
Every person ought to come up with a hurricane survival kit that permits for a couple of day’s survival along the road.
The American Red Cross recommends that you bring some cash, medical supplies, enough gallons of water contingent upon the distance you’ll be going, non-perishable foods, keys, and crucial documents such as Social Security Cards and Bank Account Numbers.
Heavy traffics are always predicted amidst evacuations and individuals ought to monitor the radio for local news and storm updates.
According to the National Center for Injury Protection and Control, Don’t you drive or cruise control on flooded areas, because it can enhance your chances of losing control of your car.
How Can We Prepare Our Homes For A Hurricane?
In the event that you have to prepare your house for the hurricane, plywood and sandbags may come in handy. These items can be purchased from the distribution site in your locale.
Local hardware stores also sell empty sacks for Do It Yourself (DIY) sand barriers. You can stack these sandbags on a watertight tarpaulin to build a barricade against mild flooding.

Use the plywood to board up your windows so as to protect your home from wind debris and damages.

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