Friday, August 25, 2017

Reminder: Hurricane Preparation Matters

Reminder: Hurricane Preparation Matters
By Forest Puha

From the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki.

The hurricane season of 2017 is here!

As of this writing, Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on the Gulf Coast, aiming for the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. Major cities are expected to be hit hard. Citizens that can’t flee the coast are being told to prepare as best as they can. Family Survival Farm wants to issue this general advice to anyone who will be affected by this or other hurricanes so that you and the people you love can emerge safe and sound.

1. Make a plan for both evacuation and sheltering in place. If you don’t know how, start with following the journalist’s six questions: WHY are you evacuating/sheltering, WHO is going/staying, WHERE are you going to, WHEN are you leaving, WHAT are you taking with you, and most importantly, HOW will you do all this?

2. Do not wait to evacuate. Contact your local authorities and follow the safest established route to leave your area out of the path of the hurricane. If you cannot leave by vehicle, find the safest high ground above water and remain there.

3. Do not enter flooded zones. This includes roads and highways that are covered over with water. Watch for other hazards, such as broken tree branches and downed power lines. Don’t walk or swim in flood water; it often contains raw sewage and other unpleasant material you should avoid.

4. Carry a backpack per person with bottled water, prepackaged food, flashlights, batteries, toilet paper, garbage bags, clean towels and a change of clothing. You should have enough food and water to last a single person 72 hours at minimum, which gives you time to regroup and find help.

5. Know your phone. Most smartphones have FM radio function. Plug in a corded pair of earbuds or headphones and use the wire as antenna to hone in a signal. Text messages can be sent and received even when cell signal towers are damaged during a storm. And most importantly, all cell phones can be used as an emergency flashlight by simply adjusting your phone’s brightness setting to maximum.

Stay safe, everyone.

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