Thursday, August 24, 2017

How to Choose Which Preppers Skills You Should Learn First.

By Paul Kigen.

Attempting to create a list of skills that a prepper might require is an absurd task. This is due to the fact that there are countless possible SHTF circumstances, many strategies and countless tasks to be executed, so there is no way you can learn it all in one lifetime, or cover it all in a single article.

As a matter of fact, these skills and tasks are what make starting out as a prepper so devastating. It’s tough to stop being reliant on our modern technology systems and gears. Obviously, skills are more crucial than gears or technology systems, and probably that’s why most preppers will neglect skills and settle on collecting gears.

Don’t you get me wrong, gears are an incredible shortcut to studying the needed skill. They are also highly valuable, and you should invest in them. What I am trying to say is, you can never lose your skills, and skills do not break, or get stolen, or used up. In case something you didn’t expect happens, then your skills are what you’ll depend on.

Basic skills.

Here is a list of skills we think every prepper should learn. They are divided into seven categories for precision.

     1.          Bugging out.

Navigation or Orienteering is the first basic skill you’ll need to help you get to your bug out location in case something happens. This skill varies Contingent upon the type of terrain you’ll be navigating.

Creation and compass reading, Navigating by stars, and map reading are all likely to be essentials. In case your bug out location is more than a couple hours away, then you will probably need to learn how to create fires and shelters as well. 
     2.             Equipment.

Even though you should not exclusively rely on your gears, you’re advised to learn the skills you’ll need to use and repair your gears properly. For most gears, this implies lots of practice, but for particular gears, such as fire extinguishers, all you have to do is keenly read the instructions a couple of times till you can remember the information reliably.

     3.             Water.

Probably, the most significant survival skills are determining which waters to fetch from, how to create water filters, and how you’ll safely store your water. In the event that you own a well, then this means comprehending how the well works and how you can repair it.

     4.              Food.

The other basic food skills are knowing how to ration your food, how to cook your food, how to ensure that your stored food stuff is safe, and how to store them. Rationing is a very crucial skill although most of the time it’s overlooked. Of course, there are many other appropriate basic food skills to acquire, but it’s more imperative to gain the skills needed to help make the most of your already stored food stuff. This way, you’ll have the capability to survive the short term SHTF happenings, even prior to mastering foraging or hunting.

     5.              Health.

It’s not just CPR and first aid that you need to study. The indispensable health skill normally overlooked is the basic physical fitness. If you are not physically fit, then you’re slow, more likely to fall sick, less effective at getting you survival errands done, and more vulnerable to attacks.

     6.             Communication.

Don’t you start thinking about radios yet. That is complicated, and not closely significant as studying how to communicate with individuals person to person. You should learn how to de-escalate an angry ally or intruder and negotiate with your neighbors’.

     7.             Mindset.

Mental fortitude skills are amongst the uppermost skills you may have to rely on in case SHTS. You need to learn how to stay calm, line up your next move, and then make a long term plan.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so the best way to learn all these skills is Practice.

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