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Colloidal Silver In Survival Situations

Colloidal Silver In Survival Situations

If you are new to the survival and prepping lifestyle, you might have at least heard of colloidal silver. It is sold on almost every site that offers products for prepping and is featured often in blogs and articles about the same. However, some are still often left wondering exactly what it is used for.

The fact is, the uses are vast. Some have even said that it is impossible to list all the uses of colloidal silver, and that you can use your imagination for benefits often not found listed anywhere.

We are not going to leave you in the dark any longer! Please continue reading to find out what some of the most beneficial uses of this product are.

Colloidal Silver Is A Strong Antiviral and Antibacterial

You might be surprised to learn that many hospital staff people are among those taking colloidal silver on a regular basis. That is because they know how well it fights both viruses as well as bacteria. In fact, in the days before penicillin was a common household name, colloidal silver was used as the primary antibiotic in homes across the nation.

Silver is certainly not a new concept. In fact, it is used on a regular basis in hospitals for just this purpose. For instance, silver nitrate drops are administered to the eyes of newborns to help prevent blindness that can be caused by bacteria present in the birth canal. An antibiotic ointment known as Silvadene is often used on sores that have already become highly infected. In some instances, trach tubes and catheters can even be coated with silver to prevent infection.

In a survival situation, colloidal silver is likely to be the next gold rush. It can be used for bronchial infections, ear infections, sinusitis, yeast infections, pink eye and to prevent food contamination on a bacterial level. And that’s just to name a few.

The following video is nearly fifteen minutes long and could be considered a bit boring because of how it is done. However, the information is certainly worth learning, if you have the time to watch.

Colloidal Silver For Water Purification

Again, history has shown that colloidal silver is important to have on hand. In ancient Rome and Greece, water was often stored in silver containers to keep it fresh and pure. As settlers moved across the West in America along the Oregon Trail, they were often known to place a silver dollar in their water containers, allowing it to sit overnight, for purification purposes.

Not only is colloidal silver known to immediately kill bacteria in water, it can also maintain that purity for long periods at a time. In fact, the Russian space program uses it to this day as a water sanitizer, determining that it is the longest lasting way to transform otherwise unpotable water into something useful.

NASA uses silver as well, after 23 other water purification methods were tried. However, NASA does not stop at using silver only for the purification of water. They also use it in air conditioning, food preparation and other space shuttle operations.

There is still much debate on the subject of silver being used as water purification and more information is likely to come out in the future. It is certainly worth the extra research to keep up with, however, and we urge you to do so.

More Uses For Colloidal Silver

If you spend any time at all researching this amazing silver, you will find that it is believed to do far more than science has actually proven. Based on either ancient history or actual “true story” uses, there are tales that it cures everything from acne, to cancer, to parasites, to urinary tract infections.

As stated earlier, there are likely to be new scientific discoveries forthcoming concerning colloidal silver. It continues to be used as well as tested, since some tend to believe that it can be poisonous in some cases. We do not know the validity of that statement, however, since it is used in the space program as well as hospitals, quite frequently.

It’s Definitely Worth Having Around

In a survival situation, it could be that colloidal silver will be the only thing you have to fight viruses, bacteria and infection. For that reason alone, it is worth adding to your prepping supplies. We suggest that, in addition to the silver itself, you print out directions for its use in various situations. For instance, you will need to know how to use it for different purposes, how much to use, how often and so forth. Do not trust it to memory, as in an emergency situation, you might not always be thinking straight.

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