Wednesday, August 16, 2017

10 Helpful Tricks That Might End Up Saving Your Life Someday.

By Paul Kigen.
Despite the fact that we all love going on adventures and performing acts that are clearly outside our comfort zone, we would like to be safe at all times. Irregardless of how “perilous” you are, or how much you love doing dangerous stuff, your safety should always be your first priority.
Some other people can’t be regarded as the biggest risk takers. This kind of individuals just love staying in control of situations around them. Sometimes, they’re intrigued to perform risky stunts, but they are just too afraid of the impending danger. And it’s totally comprehensible. Some may call these kinds of people annoying while others may call them smart.
Either way, regardless of whether you’re lazing around your house or out on vacation, you should ensure that you are safe all the time. Below is a list of 10 safety tips that could perhaps save your life someday.

   1. Always pay attention to your instincts. This may sound like an obvious tip, but let’s get real here, most of the time we just neglect our instincts. Whenever something feels off the beam, then that might be your body notifying you that danger might not be far. Most of the time, individuals fail to pay attention to their instincts.
   2. In the event that a stranger hops into your vehicle and orders you to drive, there is one thing you can always do. Drive your car into the nearest post. This way, you won’t be able to drive anywhere. The crash will draw attention to the scene, and the stranger will have to get away pretty quickly.

   3.Learning some self-defense techniques, in general, can always turn out to be helpful. But for those who know virtually nothing about fighting back, here is one trick that might work in case you were attacked. Aim straight at the attacker's groin area. This will obviously throw the attacker “off-balance” and grant you some time to get away or call for help.

   4. Normally, individuals feel safer when driving inside a taxi. But undeniably, there is always a small probability the something might go wrong. In case you notice that your taxi driver is acting in a strange way, quickly contact someone you trust and let them know your location. This way, the cab driver discerns that you have a phone with you and that some people already know your whereabouts.

   5. Don’t you ever stroll downstairs with your hands tucked inside your pocket. This might sound a bit paranoid but in case you trip and fall, you’ll need your hands to hold onto something or help you from getting hurt.

   6. In case you are staying in a motel’s room, you’re advised to place a roll of tissue over the toilet seat. Regardless of how clean the toilet looks to you.

   7. Generally, having a swim in the ocean can be treacherous, particularly if you are swimming in a rip tide. In case this happens, swim parallel to the shore since it’s the most effective way to get back to shore.

   8. In the event that you ever find yourself confined inside a building on fire, do not run out. Instead, lie down on the floor and begin crawling. According to MensXP study, there is more oxygen on the floor, and you most likely won’t pass out.

   9. In case you are strolling towards your car in the parking lot at night, stroll with your keys ready in your hand. This will help you get in your car and drive off quickly in case something happens.

   10. Most of us like texting and walking at the same time. Do not do that when you are strolling in the streets because it makes you an obvious target.

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