Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fresh Meat..

Let's get to know one another...not on a long stroll on the beach or loving candlelight dinners level. I mean really nitty gritty, let's get dirty together level. A level that goes beyond simple pleasantries and hopes to really know you, our audience, and what you need and want to know in order to survive and be self-sustaining.

A little about me. I am a husband, a father, and a nurse. I am a Christian-a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I am a straight shooter, literally and figuratively, proficient in firearms and the tongue. It is my hope and the hope of our staff to be able to help the communities in which we live and play (because what's living without a little play too?).

I grew up in West Virginia, enlisted in the U.S. Army at 17 as a medic after graduating from high school. I attended West Virginia University, served a two-year religious mission for my church to the Philippines, and eventually got married and had some kids. Now, I live in Utah with my wife and three children and work in an emergency room as a nurse.

Somewhere along the way I decided that being a nurse would be the way that I pay the bills. I had hoped to become a nurse much sooner than I did but life has different ideas on how to reach an end point.
Along the way I have been a teacher, a preacher, a handyman, yardman, a soldier, farmer, treadmill inspector, and lots of other things. Each experience adding to my own body of knowledge. I can't say that all the experience has been pleasant but sometimes we just have to embrace the suck, make it our friend, and push through.
You think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man. By then it was nothing to me but blinding. The shadows betray you because they belong to me.
My knowledge base is derived from and includes:

- Emergency Nursing and EMS Systems
- Boy Scouting (Youth and Adult)
- Military medicine
- Basic farming and cultivation
- General labor and handiwork

I can only hope that through this experience we all can learn and grow together and hopefully are able to lean on each other when times get tough.


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