Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Crawfish Trap Pt4.

Crawfish Trap Pt4

Simply stretch the rubber bands and hook shut!

My trap was done!  Woot Woot!!!

To keep track of my traps and for ease of retrieval from the water, I made some really FANCY ‘bobbers’ out of some rope, a plastic bottle, and a piece of wire….Teeheehee

Simply attach wire to the bottle

Make a loop with the other end of the wire, and tie the rope to it

Tie the other end of the rope to the trap handle

The best part about this is I can slip a note inside the bottle with my name, phone number, and date & time that I set my traps.  This informs any passers-by that I haven’t abandoned them and that I’ll be back later to retrieve my traps.

I was ready to go catch some crawfish!!! (yes I made two because one is never enough!)

I’d heard that hot dogs were good for bait so I decided to give em’ a try!

After tossing the traps into the water, my little plastic bottle ‘bobbers’ danced up and down like tiny water buoys, marking where the traps were…they did their job well!

My Sweetie and I then went for a long stroll to explore the breathtakingly beautiful scenery…

…as our pups rambunctiously romped through the water…Happy Dogs!!!!

After about an hour, we returned back to our spot to see if the new traps had any treasure in them.  I was excited to pull them up to see what was inside!!!

Score!!!  I caught three crawfish to be exact…One in one trap, and two in the other!!!

This little guy was happily munching away on his hot dog!

Next time I’ll try leaving the traps in for a longer period of time to see if we catch more!  

Did you try this project?  I’d love to hear about so make sure to leave a comment or pic in the comment section below!

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