Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Crawfish Trap Pt3.

Crawfish Trap Pt3

The crawfish will be able to go in, but not out!

I then finished the other side by attaching the second cone to other end of the cylinder, the same way I did the first one

About 5 1/5 inches of chain was used to make a handle for carrying my trap, simply by bending open both chain link ends on each end of the chain…

…and clamping them to my trap

I had to make sure my handle was centered on the trap before securing so it wouldn’t be lopsided while carrying it…

For removing the crawfish I needed a trap door, so I cut a hole into the center of my trap…

The hole was 9 squares x 8 squares in size

With what was left of my excess chicken wire, I cut a door slightly larger than the hole I just made in my trap.  The door was 10 squares x 11 squares in size

The sides of the door overlapped the hole nicely

My door was then attached with more zippy ties

Trim, trim, trim those zippies!!

For keeping the trap door shut, I used a rubber band and a piece of chain link

The rubber band was slid through the wire on the door

…and looped through itself

I actually attached two of these that kept the trap door secured nicely 

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